Olive Leaf for High Blood Pressure

Photo by Ulrike Leone, from Pixabay.com. Reproduced according to the Pixabay licence.

Olive leaf extract has been shown to help reduce high blood pressure. It is best used for cases of borderline or slightly high blood pressure, or in combination with blood pressure medication (always under the supervision of your doctor). The active constituent in olive leaf is a substance called oleuropein. When you buy an olive leaf extract product it is important to look for one that states its percentage of oleuropein. The average effective dose of olive leaf extract in clinical trials is 136 mg of oleuropein as a total daily dose. Any dose less than that would have questionable results. Doc Robert recommends Prowise Olive Leaf Extract. Two capsules of this provide 180 mg oleuropein, well above the average effective dose. Olive leaf extract is well tolerated, producing no serious side-effects, in contrast to conventional medications. There may be only occasional mild side-effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort if you are sensitive to the product. One word of caution: olive leaf may laoer your blood sugar, so if you are diabetic, or already taking blood pressure medication, please consult your doctor before taking olive leaf.

Reference: Hendrix M.S. Hypertension – Clinically proven natural alternatives for treating high blood pressure. Evidence-Based Use of Supplements, February 2019.

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